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Pet services in Edinburgh

Find dedicated services for your dog or cat in Edinburgh:

  • Veterinarian is a medical professional who is trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases in animals.
  • Pet grooming involves cleaning, trimming, and styling a pet's fur, nails, and teeth.
  • Pet boarding involves temporarily housing a pet while the owner is away, typically in a kennel or other facility.
  • Pet sitting involves someone coming to the owner's home to take care of the pet while the owner is away.
  • Pet training involves teaching a pet basic obedience commands and good behavior.
  • Pet daycare involves a pet spending the day at a facility where they can play and socialize with other pets under the supervision of caregivers.
  • Pet transportation involves transporting a pet to and from appointments or other destinations.
  • Pet insurance involves purchasing a policy to cover the costs of medical treatment for a pet in the event of an injury or illness.
  • Pet supplies can include a wide variety of products such as food, toys, and accessories for pets.
  • Pet adoption involves finding a new home for a pet, often through a shelter or rescue organization.
  • Pet sitting involves someone coming to the owner's home to take care of the pet while the owner is away.

Companies which offer pet services in Edinburgh

Abercorn Veterinary Clinics

82 Raeburn Place

Edinburgh EH4 1HH

Abercorn Veterinary Clinics

18 Drum Street

Edinburgh EH17 8QH

Abercorn Veterinary Clinics

175 Portobello High Street

Edinburgh EH15 1EU

Barklay Park Dog Day Care Centre

Todhills Business Park

Edinburgh EH22 1RR

Batchelor Davidson & Watson Ltd

19 Hillhouse Road

Edinburgh EH4 3QP

Batchelor, Davidson & Watson Ltd

124 Newhaven Road

Edinburgh EH6 4BR

Braid Veterinary Hospital

171 Mayfield Road

Edinburgh EH9 3AZ

Braid Vets Leith

319 Leith Walk

Edinburgh EH6 8SA

Braw Dugs

29 Ferry Road, Leith

Edinburgh EH6 4AD

Christine's Dog Grooming Parlour

478 Gorgie Road

Edinburgh EH11 2RY

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