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Puppy school

Puppy school and everything you have to know about it

Dog training is becoming increasingly popular. Undoubtedly, it is worth working with the dog, teaching him new commands and tricks. Whether a dog needs professional training depends not only on the dog, but also on the owner.

Pet hotel

A pet hotel – Is it worth it?

Trips, business trips, meetings in other cities or holidays. Nowadays, we often find ourselves leaving the comfort of home for more than a day. We cannot always ask family or friends to look after our pet. What should we do then? A pet hotel can help - a place where your four-legged friend can spend the difficult time away from home in a relaxed atmosphere!

Dog behaviorist

Dog behaviourist. Who is it?

In the everyday life of an ordinary pet owner, we increasingly come across the term behaviourist. Who is he, in fact, and when should we turn to him? This topic will be discussed in today's article. So, dear readers - coffee in your hand and... let's read!

Pet groomer

Going to a pet groomer – what you should know?

Proper caring is becoming more and more important for pet owners. Learn more about the grooming profession and find out the answer to the question: is a groomer only for dogs?

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